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... small pieces of the I ...


... messages ... to you ...

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... be my blood ...

Monday, June 29 by AlexandrinaAna


how does someone trick you into anything? the trickery is always in the "look over here"; you already knew to look elsewhere ...



he bought his magic from a comic book

you bought it hook line and sinker

i'm sorry to tell you he was a fakir

you should have looked



you're the one who'll end

being pulled out of his hat

or crushed in a wire basket

beneath his coat



the gentleman's top hat

is a warm dark place

until it's collapsed

and put away



you were just a practice

towards his perfecting



if you've seen one wand

you've seen them all

they work the same

by illusions



play the bunny

play the hare

you're just another

after show meal



you were just another distraction

another "Look over there."



He is an Illusionist

not a magician

A slight of hand

a trick of your "I"



You were just a face card

hidden up his sleeve.



there are no ghosts in that cabinet


so don't bother opening it


i said it's empty

put your hand down



cut the deck with your left hand only

i don't care if it's a prosthesis

use it



One of the tricks to "The Cheat"

wear your lover's cologne

tell your 'significant one'

you prefer a man's scent


my lover wore two men's scents

her grasp of "look over there"





do you see?


that's how i reveal to you

my personal histories

how i learn all of the majics

i practice



every woman in my family

taught me my mastery

of seeing



i have issues with your I's


. A point of decision arrives, express mail in your mind. Will you stay a bit longer, to experiment with this failure? .

. There's nothing left to test, but there is a temptation to the torture in it.

. Now able to see unencumbered, immune. Your head tilts. .


the calm calculation

as you watch



i was told once, that i could be loved even through my harsh ... we both found out better.


all evidence in, the polls closed, we found harsh is stronger than love


when i was only three years old

and visited flung relatives in PA

they washed me head and toe

in the now discontinued



and i'm proud of them for doing that



... be my blood ...


the stare of bare windows, masking emptiness unknown, reflect the contents of a grey overcast sky alone


there had been silk back then, a second skin of nylon, colors in hues that made them blush from my seduction. i'd perfected a range of performances, pallets of sweetened gestures, of haughty pretense unintended slight exposures; what i could become …

for just the right stranger.


... fragile porcelains; they'd been arrayed upon that shelf, as she and all her friends, gathered in that Spring, had once been ... each slow footstep through the ruin of that Southern villa disturbed the dusts of what she remembered of it ... the wide wooden floors where colours of fabrics spun like fleurs, now curved, sprung downward, and edge lifted like pond waves stained grey ... the high window-tiered French doors in spikes and splinters, cast open; there, she'd waltzed, there she'd kissed, there she'd laughed ... she'd been bare legged and bare footed beneath her crinolines and lace; that night she'd been walked to the veranda; ... now her cobble-nail boots toss soft rotted wood with each step she takes ... her stud soled boots firm upon eroding concrete, the remaining chip bits where marble slabs had been pried away in salvage, she takes the air again ... here where night breezes had cooled, where kisses and panted promises had been exchanged, in this place love had been expressed, now a scent of rot rides beneath the perfume heat of Spring's breath ... the outer structure in frail passing states of failure, the cracked fungal paint and split trunk-sized columns still standing ... young pine tower spikes, thorn vines stretch green between, the skin of the ancient building spreading at lower levels like a midwife’s torso … a riot of untended weed-overrun planting beds, pike silhouettes of lilies vying for sunlight ... helmet in hand she straddles the lean muscle shape of the motorcycle wrapping arms round her leather warrior driver … "Okay, I've seen enough." "West then?" "Yes, finally."

© Amanda 2015
"Monday, June 29" by :iconalexandrinaana: © 2015


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Amanda Graham
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United States
I became a loom ... a work of wood and oils and flesh and pain ... I became words, woven together to impart myself, an offering of memory and love ... I became a crowd of voices longing for that final color that might complete ... I am Amanda here to open, here to pound loud and set you upon a journey ...

Let me tell you a story ...

Farcebook™ I only use for music and posting links to my work here ... Gargle Plus is the same ... now ... TubeOfYou? lots of music that i likes mmm hmmm

TweakerCreature™ - i might answer i might not ... i never know from day to day; be patient i have things to weave - @blondeonhorse

Tube You My Channel -…

For the ensconced demented deviants among us!

Yes, I AM a gay American woman; and damn proud of that. I flirt shamelessly with females, males, and photos of kittens. Anyone who let’s that go to their heads (eyes.the.homophobic.female.artist) is not only stupid but arrogant.




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